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Social media for dog trainers

greyhound thinking about social media channelsTo tweet or not to tweet? To like, or share? There’s a lot more to social media than just Twitter and Facebook! Our webinars are designed to help you identify the best social media channels for your business and how to use them effectively.

In an age where it’s nigh on impossible to escape or engage with social media, how can you avoid falling down the ‘social media rabbit hole*’ or signing up to every social media site you can think of?  A ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work with social media – you need to be clear on how and why you want to use it and what tangible benefits can it bring.

Choosing the right social media channel

It’s estimated that there are 60.27 million internet users in the UK alone, and that 42 million are active internet users (see: 2017 Digital Yearbook). On top of these huge numbers, there are probably 10 types of social media channels:

  1. Social networks (Examples: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  2. Media sharing channels (Examples: YouTube, Instagram, Google+Snapchat)
  3. Consumer review channels (Example: Yelp)
  4. Blogging channels (Example: WordPress, Tumblr)
  5. Bookmarking/content curation (Examples: Pinterest, Flipboard)
  6. Discussion forums (Examples: Quora, Digg, reddit)
  7. Social shopping (Example: Etsy)
  8. Interest based channels (Example: Goodreads,, Houzz)
  9. Sharing/Gig economy channels: (DogBuddyAirbnb, Uber, Fiverr, TaskRabbit)
  10. Anonymous social networks

So, how do you know which social media channel is right for your business?  The answer is: “It depends.”  The biggest social networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – may be suitable, but you may also find that media sharing sites, such as YouTube and Instagram, create good ways to connect with clients, along with other sites such as Google+.

Putting the ‘social’ into social media

The clue is in the title! Social media means you need to be ‘social’ and ‘engaging’.  This means that what you post, share, like needs to engage your clients and provide good reasons to remain engaged.

How I can help you

My social media webinars  are designed to provide you with practical insights into social media channels and how to use them – in bite-size chunks.

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*The “I’ll just post/check something on Facebook/Twitter” effect, where you emerge and realise several hours have gone by!

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